Scientific Publications



Occurrence and diffusive air-seawater exchanges of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in Fildes Bay, King George Island, Antarctica

Thais Luarte, Andrea Hirmas-Olivares, Juan Höfer, Ricardo Giesecke, Mireia Mestre,…..and Cristóbal Galbán-Malagó. Science of The Total Environment, Volume 908, 2024, 168323,

Atmospheric isoprene measurements reveal larger-than-expected Southern Ocean emissions

Ferracci, V., J. Weber, C.G. Bolas, A.D. Robinson, F. Tummon, P. Rodríguez-Ros, P. Cortés-Greus, A. Baccarini, R.L. Jones, M. Galí, R. Simó, J. Schmale, N.R.P. Harris (2024). Nature Communications 15: 2571,


ShetlandsUAVmetry: unmanned aerial vehicle-based photogrammetric dataset for Antarctic environmental research

Román, A., Navarro, G., Tovar-Sánchez, A. et al.  (2024).
Sci Data 11, 202


Shear margins in upper half of Northeast Greenland Ice Stream were established two millennia ago

 Jansen, D., Franke, S., Bauer, C.C., Binder, T., Dahl-Jensen, D., Eichler, J., Eisen, O., Hu, Y., Kerch, J., Llorens, M.G. and Miller, H., 2024.. Nature Communications, 15(1), p.1193.

Thermodynamic and hydrological drivers of the subsurface thermal regime in Central Spain: open data and code

García-Pereira, F., González-Rouco, J. F., Schmid, T., Melo-Aguilar, C, Vegas-Cañas, C., Steinert, N. J., Roldán-Gómez, P. J., Cuesta-Valero, F. J., García-García, A., Beltrami, H., and de Vrese, P.SOIL, 10, 1–21, 2024.


Overshooting the critical threshold for the Greenland ice sheet. 

Bochow, N., Poltronieri, A., Robinson, A., Montoya, M., Rypdal, M., Boers, N. Nature 622, 528–536 (2023).

A ∼5000 year multiproxy record of summer climate in NE Greenland

García-Oteyza et al. 2023. Science-of-the-total-environment.

Trapped DNA fragments in marine sponge specimens unveil North Atlantic deep-sea fish diversity

E.F. Neave, W. Cai1, M.B. Arias, L.R. Harper, A. Riesgo y S. Mariani. (2023). Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Deadly mushrooms of the genus Galerina found in Antarctica colonized the continent as early as the Pleistocene. 

Garrido-Benavent, I., Blanchette, R., & De Los Ríos, A. (2023). Antarctic Science, 35(5), 345-358

Invariant properties of mycobiont-photobiont networks in Antarctic lichens

Sergio Pérez-Ortega, Miguel Verdú, Isaac Garrido-Benavent, Sonia Rabasa, T. G. Allan Green, Leopoldo G. Sancho, Asunción de los Ríos 2023. Global Ecology and Biogeography, vol 32, Issue 11, 1871-2067

Adaptation of the Endolithic Biome in Antarctic Volcanic Rocks

Hidalgo-Arias et al. 2023. International Journal of Molecular Sciences,

Volcanism in Antarctica: An assessment of the present state of research and future directions

Geyer et al. 2023. Journal-of-volcanology-and-geothermal-research,

Human footprint on the water quality from the northern Antarctic Peninsula region,

Cristina Postigo, Luis Moreno-Merino, Ester López-García, Jerónimo López-Martínez, Miren López de Alda. Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 453,

Animal–Energy Relationships in a Changing Ocean: The Case of Continental Shelf Macrobenthic Communities on the Weddell Sea and the Vicinity of the Antarctic Peninsula

E. Isla. Biology 2023, 12(5), 659.

Impact of particle flux on the vertical distribution and diversity of sizefractionated prokaryotic communities in two East Antarctic polynyas

Puigcorbé, V.,  Ruiz-González, C., Masque, P.,  and Gasol, JM. 2023. Front. Microbiol. Sec. Aquatic Microbiology Volume 14 – 2023.

MINDeSEA – Exploring Seabed Mineral Deposits in European Seas, Metallogeny and Geological Potential for Stategic and Critical Raw Materials.

González, F.J., Medialdea, T Schiellerup, H., Zananiri, I., Ferreira, P., Somoza, L., Monteys, X., Alcorn, T., Marino, E., Lobato, A.B., Zalba-Balda, I., Kuhn, T., Nyberg, J., Malyuk, B., Magalhães, V., Hein, J.R., Cherkashov, G. (2023). Geological Society, London, Special Publications 526 (1).


Arctic mercury flux increased through the Last Glacial Termination with a warming climate. 

Segato, D., Saiz-Lopez, A., Mahajan, A.S. et al. Nat. Geosci. 16, 439–445 (2023).

Climate control on Arctic mercury variability during the Last Glacial Termination.

Delia Segato, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez, Anoop S. Mahajan, Feiyue Wang, Juan P. Corella, Carlos A. Cuevas, Tobias Erhardt, Camille M. Jensen, Chantal Zeppenfeld, Helle A. Kjær, Clara Turetta, Warren R. L. Cairns, Carlo Barbante and Andrea Spolaor. Nature Geoscience.


Simulating the Laurentide Ice Sheet of the Last Glacial Maximum, The Cryosphere

Moreno-Parada, D., Alvarez-Solas, J., Blasco, J., Montoya, M., and Robinson, A. Cryosphere, 17, 2139–2156, 2023.


Improving satellite-based monitoring of the polar regions: Identification of research and capacity gaps.

Gabarró, C., Hughes, N., Wilkinson, J., Bertino, L., Bracher, A., Diehl, T.,Dierking, W., González-Gambau, V., Lavergne, T.,  Madurell, T., Malnes, E., & Wagner, P. M. (2023). Frontiers in Remote Sensing, 4, 13.

Moss and Liverwort Covers Structure Soil Bacterial and Fungal Communities Differently in the Icelandic Highlands.

Ortiz-Rivero, J., Garrido-Benavent, I., Heiðmarsson, S. et al. Microb Ecol (2023).

The global contribution of soil mosses to ecosystem services. 
Eldridge, D.J., Guirado, E., Reich, P.B. et al. Nat. Geosci. 16, 430–438 (2023).


Soil contamination in nearby natural areas mirrors that in urban greenspaces worldwide.
Liu, YR., van der Heijden, M.G.A., Riedo, J. et al. Nat Commun 14, 1706 (2023).


Marine biogenic emissions of benzene and toluene and their contribution to secondary organic aerosols over the polar oceans
Wohl, C., Q. Li, C. A. Cuevas, R. P. Fernandez, M. Yang, A. Saiz-López, R. Simó. 2023.  Science Advances 9: eadd90319,


Noble gas isotopes reveal degassing-derived eruptions at Deception Island (Antarctica): implications for the current high levels of volcanic activity.

Alvarez-Valero, A.M., Sumino, H., Caracausi, A., Polo, A., Burguess, R., Geyer, A., Borrajo, J., Lozano, JA., Albert, H., Aulinas, M., Núñez-Guerrero, E.  Sci Rep 12, 19557 (2022).

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Degradation in the Sea-Surface Microlayer at coastal Antarctica.

Martinez-Varela, A., Casas, G., Berrojalbiz, N., Piña, B., Dachs, J., Vila-Costa, M. (2022) Frontiers in Microbiology, 13, art. no. 907265,

Boletín del Observatorio del Ebro. Observaciones Geomagnéticas en la Isla de Livingston, Antártida. 2021 y Campaña 2021-2022.

S. Marsal, J. M. Torta, J. G. Solé, J. J. Curto, M. Ibañez y Ò. Cid. Observatori de l’Ebre, Roquetes, 2022; ISSN 1885-9712; Páginas:156

Behavioural responses of two penguin species to human presence at Barrientos Island, a popular tourist site in the Antarctic Peninsula region.

CAJIAO, D., LEUNG, Y.-F., TEJEDO, P., BARBOSA, A., RECK, G., & BENAYAS, J. (2021). Antarctic Science 34 :107-119. https:/

Positive selection over the mitochondrial genome and its role in the diversification of gentoo penguins in response to adaptation in isolation.

NOLL, D., LEON, F., BRAND, D., PISTORIUS, P., LE BOHEC, C., BONADONNA, F., TRATHAN, P.N., BARBOSA, A., RAYA REY, A., DANTAS, G.PM., BOWIE, R.CK., POULIN, E., VIANNA, J.A. (2022). Scientific Reports 12: 3767.

Mercury biomagnification in an Antarctic food web of Antarctic Peninsula.


Exploring the coupled ocean and atmosphere system with a data science approach applied to observations from the Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition. 

Landwehr S., M. Volpi, F.A. Haumann, C. Robinson, I. Thurnherr, V. Ferracci, A. Baccarini, J. Thomas, I. Gorodetskaya, C. Tatzelt, S. Henning, R.L. Modini, H.J. Forrer, Y. Lin, N. Cassar, R. Simó, C. Hassler, A. Moallemi, S.E. Fawcett, N. Harris, R. Airs, M.H. Derkani, A. Alberello, A. Toffoli, G. Chen, P. Rodríguez-Ros, M. Zamanillo, P. Cortés-Greus, L. Xue, C.G. Bolas, K.C. Leonard, F. Perez-Cruz, D. Walton, J. Schmale (2021). Earth System Dynamics 12: 1295–1369,  

Sources, occurrence and characteristics of Fluorescent Biological Aerosol Particles measured over the pristine Southern Ocean.  

Moallemi A., S. Landwehr, C. Robinson, R. Simó, M. Zamanillo, G. Chen, A. Baccarini, M. Schnaiter, S. Henning, R.L. Modini, M. Gysel-Beer, and Julia Schmale (2021). Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmosphere 126, https:/

Open ocean and coastal new particle formation from sulfuric acid and amines in the Northern Antarctic. 

Brean J., M. Dall’Osto, Z. Shi, D.C.S. Beddows, R. Simó, R.M. Harrison (2021). Nature Geoscience 14: 383–388; https:/

Sea Ice Microbiota in the Antarctic Peninsula Modulates Cloud-Relevant Sea Spray Aerosol Production.

Dall’Osto M, Vaqué D, Sotomayor-Garcia A, Cabrera-Brufau M, Estrada M, Buchaca T, Soler M, Nunes S, Zeppenfeld S Van Pinxteren M, Herrmann H, Wex H, Rinaldi M, Paglione M, Beddows D, Harrison RM, Berdalet E (2022). Front. Mar. Sci. 9:827061. https:/

Leaching material from Antarctic seaweeds and penguin guano affects cloud-relevant aerosol production.

Dall’Osto M, Sotomayor-Garcia A, Cabrera-Brufau M, Berdalet E, Vaqué D, Zeppenfeld S, van Pinxteren M, Herrmann H, Wex H, Rinaldi M, Paglione M, Beddows D, Harrison R, Avila C, P Martin-Martin R, Park J, Barbosa A (2022). Science of the Total Environment 831, 154772.

Particulate and dissolved fluorescent organic matter fractionation and composition: Abiotic and ecological controls in the Southern Ocean.

Cabrera-Brufau M, Marrasé C, Ortega-Retuerta E, Nunes S, Estrada M, Sala MM, Vaqué D, Pérez G-L, Simó R, Cermeño P (2022). Science of the Total Environment 844, 156921.

A Novel Automatic Water Autosampler Operated From UAVs for Determining Dissolved Trace Elements

Sparaventi Erica, Rodríguez-Romero Araceli, Navarro Gabriel, Tovar-Sánchez Antonio. Frontiers in Marine Science 9 (2022).

High-spatial resolution UAV multispectral data complementing satellite imagery to characterize a chinstrap penguin colony ecosystem on deception island (Antarctica)

Alejandro Román, Gabriel Navarro, Isabel Caballero & Antonio Tovar-Sánchez (2022). GIScience & Remote Sensing, 59:1, 1159-1176.

The Contribution of the Vendée Globe Race to Improved Ocean Surface Information: A Validation of the Remotely Sensed Salinity in the Sub-Antarctic Zone

Umbert M, Hoareau N, Salat J, Salvador J, Guimbard S, Olmedo E, Gabarró C. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering. 2022; 10(8):1078.

The International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean Version 2

Dorschel, Boris ; Hehemann, Laura ; Viquerat, Sacha ; Warnke, Fynn ; Dreutter, Simon ; Tenberge, Yvonne Schulze ; Accettella, Daniela ; An, Lu ; Barrios, Felipe ; Bazhenova, Evgenia ; Black, Jenny ; Bohoyo, Fernando ; Davey, Craig ; De Santis, Laura ; Dotti, Carlota Escutia ; Frem;, Alice C. ; Fretwell, Peter T. ; Gales, Jenny A. ; Gao, Jinyao ; Gasperini, Luca ; Greenbaum, Jamin S. ; Jencks, Jennifer Henderson ; Hogan, Kelly ; Hong, Jong Kuk ; Jakobsson, Martin ; Jensen, Laura ; Kool, Johnathan ; Larin, Sergei ; Larter, Robert D. ; Leitchenkov, German ; Loubrieu, Benoît ; Mackay, Kevin ; Mayer, Larry ; Millan, Romain ; Morlighem, Mathieu ; Navidad, Francisco ; Nitsche, Frank O. ; Nogi, Yoshifumi ; Pertuisot, Cécile ; Post, Alex;ra L. ; Pritchard, Hamish D. ; Purser, Autun ; Rebesco, Michele ; Rignot, Eric ; Roberts, Jason L. ; Rovere, Marzia ; Ryzhov, Ivan ; Sauli, Chiara ; Schmitt, Thierry ; Silvano, Alessandro ; Smith, Jodie ; Snaith, Helen ; Tate, Alex J. ; Tinto, Kirsty ; Vandenbossche, Philippe ; Weatherall, Pauline ; Wintersteller, Paul ; Yang, Chunguo ; Zhang, Tao ; Arndt, Jan Erik. Sci Data 9, 275 (2022).

Ecotoxicological Characterization of Type C Killer Whales From Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica): Molecular Biomarkers, Legacy, and Emerging Persistent Organic Contaminants

Cristina Panti, Juan Muñoz-Arnanz, Letizia Marsili, Simone Panigada, Matteo Baini, Begoña Jiménez, Maria Cristina Fossi and Giancarlo Lauriano (2022). Front. Mar. Sci. 9:818370.

Climate warming amplified the 2020 record-breaking heatwave in the Antarctic Peninsula.

González-Herrero, S., Barriopedro, D., Trigo, R.M. et al. Commun Earth Environ 3, 122 (2022).

Anthropogenic microfibres flux in an Antarctic coastal ecosystem: The tip of an iceberg?

Gastón Alurralde, Enrique Isla, Verónica Fuentes, Alejandro Olariaga, Tamara Maggioni, Guido Rimondino, Marcos Tatián.2022. Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 175, 2022,113388.

DecTephra: A new database of Deception Island’s tephra record (Antarctica)

Joaquín Hopfenblatt, Adelina Geyer, Meritxell Aulinas, Antonio M. Álvarez-Valero, Antonio Polo Sánchez, Santiago Giralt, John L. Smellie. 2022. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 425, 2022, 107516.

The influence of iodine on the Antarctic stratospheric ozone hole

Carlos A. Cuevas,  Rafael P. Fernandez,  Douglas E. Kinnison,  Qinyi Li,  Jean-François Lamarque, Tarek Trabelsi, Joseph S. Francisco,  Susan Solomon, Alfonso Saiz-Lopez (2021).  PNAS February 15, 2022 119 (7) e2110864119



Simulation of tsunami induced by a submarine landslide in a glaciomarine margin: the case of Storfjorden LS-1 (southwestern Svalbard Islands)

Pedrosa-González, M. T., González-Vida, J. M., Galindo-Záldivar, J., Ortega, S., Castro, M. J., Casas, D., & Ercilla, G. (2022). Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 22(12), 3839-3858.

Sea ice fluctuations in the Baffin Bay and the Labrador Sea during glacial abrupt climate changes

Scoto F et al. 2022. PNAS 2022 Vol. 119 No. 44 e2203468119.

First results of the ARIEL L-band radiometer on the MOSAiC Arctic Expedition during the late summer and autumn period

Carolina Gabarró, Pau Fabregat, Ferran Hernández-Macià, Roger Jove, Joaquin Salvador, Gunnar Spreen, Linda Thielke, Ruzica Dadic, Marcus Huntemann, Nikolai Kolabutin, Daiki Nomura, Henna-Reetta Hannula, Martin Schneebeli. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 4 January 2022; 10 (1): 00031. doi:

Climate change influence on the levels and trends of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and chemicals of emerging Arctic concern (CEACs) in the Arctic physical environment – a review.

Hung, H., Halsall, C., Ball, H., Bidleman, T., Dachs, J., De Silva, A., Hermanson, M., Kallenborn, R., Muir, D., Sühring, R., Wang, X., Wilson, S. (2022) Environmental Science: Processes and Impacts.

Using Remotely Sensed Sea Surface Salinity and Colored Detrital Matter to Characterize Freshened Surface Layers in the Kara and Laptev Seas during the Ice-Free Season.

Umbert, Marta; Gabarró, Carolina; Olmedo, Estrella; Gonçalves, Rafael; Guimbard, Sébastien; Martínez, Justino; (2021). Remote Sensing, 13: 3828.

A multi-parametric perspective of the North Atlantic eddy-driven jet. Climate Dynamics (in press).

Barriopedro D., Ayarzagüena B., García-Burgos M., García-Herrera R. (2022)

Substantial contribution of iodine to Arctic ozone destruction. 

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Overview of the MOSAiC expedition: Snow and sea ice

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Improved BEC SMOS Arctic Sea Surface Salinity product v3.1

Martínez, J., Gabarró, C., Turiel, A., González-Gambau, V., Umbert, M., Hoareau, N., González-Haro, C., Olmedo, E., Arias, M., Catany, R., Bertino, L., Raj, R. P., Xie, J., Sabia, R., and Fernández, D.. Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 14, 307–323,, 2022

Treatise on Geomorphology (Second Edition) 8.35 – Deep Sea Sedimentation

Ercilla, G., Casas, D., Alonso, B., Casalbore, D., Estrada, F., Idarraga, J., López-González, N., Pedrosa, M.T., Teixeira, M., Sánchez-Guillamón, O. and Azpiroz Zabala, M. (2022). Treatise on Geomorphology, 8 960-988. ISBN 9780128182352.

Organophosphate ester pollution in the oceans.

Xie, Z., Wang, P., Wang, X., Castro-Jiménez, J., Kallenborn, R., Liao, C., Mi, W., Lohmann, R., Vila-Costa, M., Dachs, J. (2022) Nature Reviews Earth and Environment, 3 (5), pp. 309-322.

Deep Sea Sedimentation

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Substantial loss of isoprene in the surface ocean due to chemical and biological consumption. 

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Service of rapid magnetic variations, an update.

Curto, J.J., Segarra, A., Altadill, D. & Chambodut, A. (2022). Geoscience Data Journal.

Can changes in deformation regimes be inferred from crystallographic preferred orientations in polar ice?

Maria-Gema Llorens, Albert Griera, Paul D Bons, Ilka Weikusat, David J Prior, Enrique Gomez-Rivas, Tamara de Riese, Ivone Jimenez-Munt, Daniel García-Castellanos, Ricardo A Lebensohn (2022). The Cryosphere

A New Standalone Tool for DC-Equivalent Network Generation and GIC Calculation in Power Grids with Multiple Voltage Levels

Marsal, S., Torta, J. M., Canillas-Pérez, V. Curto, J. J. (2022). . Space Weather, 20, e2021SW002984.


Legacy and novel flame retardants from indoor dust in Antarctica: Sources and human exposure.

Corsolini, S., Metzdorff, A., Baroni, D., Roscales, J.L., Jiménez, B., Cerro-Gálvez, E., Dachs, J., Galbán-Malagón, C., Audy, O., Kohoutek, J., Přibylova, P., Poblete-Morales, M., Avendaño-Herrera, R., Bergami, E., Pozo, K. (2021) Environmental Research, 196, art. no. 110344.

Using radiocarbon to assess the abundance, distribution, and nature of labile organic carbon in marine sediments.

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Ten scientific messages on risks and opportunities for life in the Antarctic.

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The Southern Ocean: our best opportunity?

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Exploring the impact of atmospheric forcing and basal drag on the Antarctic Ice Sheet under Last Glacial Maximum conditions.

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Rain Amplification of Persistent Organic Pollutants

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Variability in tissue-specific trophic discrimination factors (Δ13C and Δ15N) between Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) and free-ranging Pygoscelis penguins.

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Antarctic ozone hole modifies iodine geochemistry on the Antarctic Plateau

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Evaluation of PCDD/Fs, PCBs and PBDEs in two penguin species from Antarctica

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Leukocyte counts in blood smears of Antarctic seals and penguins: a new less time‑consuming method

Javier Menendez‑Blazquez, Florencia Soto, Javier Negrete, Roger Colominas‑Ciuro, Andrea Marin‑Sierra, Melina Ricca, Andrés Barbosa (2021). Polar Biology .

Mercury Levels in Feathers of Penguins from the Antarctic Peninsula Area: Geographical and Inter-Specific Differences

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Proteorhodopsin phototrophy in Antarctic coastal waters

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Chemical control of marine associated microbial communities in sessile Antarctic invertebrates

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Trace elements in Antarctic penguins and the potential role of guano as source of recycled metals in the Southern Ocean

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Geomicrobiological Heterogeneity of Lithic Habitats in the Extreme Environment of Antarctic Nunataks: A Potential Early Mars Analog

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Volcanism in Antarctica: 200 Million Years of Subduction, Rifting and Continental Break-up

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Formation of Stanley Patch volcanic cone: New insights into the evolution of Deception Island caldera (Antarctica)

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Open ocean and coastal new particle formation from sulfuric acid and amines around the Antarctic Peninsula

Brean, J., Dall’Osto, M., Simó, R., Shi, Z., Beddows, D. C. S., & Harrison, R. M. (2021).  Nature Geoscience. DOI:

Microplastics and other anthropogenic particles in Antarctica: Using penguins as biological samplers

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How animals distribute themselves in space: energy landscapes of Antarctic avian predators.

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Diet, antioxidants and oxidative status in pygoscelid penguins

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Phylogenetic diversity and dominant ecological traits of freshwater Antarctic Chrysophyceae

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Biogenic matter content in marine sediments in the vicinity of the Antarctic Peninsula: recent sedimentary conditions under a diverse environment of production, transport, selective preservation and accumulation

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Movements and diving behaviour of white-chinned petrels: diurnal variation and implications for bycatch mitigation

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Latitudinal changes in the trophic structure of benthic coastal food webs along the Antarctic Peninsula

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In-situ soil greenhouse gas fluxes under different cryptogamic covers in maritime Antarctica

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Neogene speciation and Pleistocene expansion of the genus Pseudephebe (Parmeliaceae, lichenized fungi) involving multiple colonizations of Antarctica

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