Context and objectives

Arctic and Antarctic: climatic engines of the planet

Polar areas are responsible for the planet’s climate through their influence on the generation and maintenance of marine currents that distribute cold waters to different latitudes. Changes occurring in polar areas have a significant impact on the planet, directly affecting climate dynamics at other latitudes and global climate processes.


The creation of the Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform: “Polar Zone Observatory: Horizon 2050” originates from the interest in scientific polar research by the numerous CSIC research groups from various disciplines actively working in the Antarctic and Arctic. The synergy between the POLARCSIC participating groups is expected to increase and improve scientific results while embracing an interdisciplinary approach.

POLARCSIC Objectives

Using the White Papers from EU-POLARNet (hppt:// as a conceptual framework , POLARCSIC has short, medium and long-term objectives.

Exposición fotográfica: "Una mirada polar"