Photographic exhibition: "Una mirada polar"

Few geographic areas of our planet are as fascinating and, at the same time, as unknown, as the polar regions. Their great scientific interest lies in the important and decisive role they play in the dynamics and future of our planet, especially in the present context of global change, since the polar regions are the principal regulating motors of the Earth’s climate. The drastic changes that are occurring in response to the global increase in temperature, caused by the increase in the emission of greenhouse gases as a consequence of human activities, are directly affecting the climatic, oceanographic, and environmental dynamics, both at the poles themselves and at subpolar latitudes. This photography exhibition seeks to show the beauty of these remote regions as well as to provide a comprehensive and multidisciplinary vision of the state of knowledge of the polar zones, highlighting the similarities and differences between the Arctic and Antarctica. In particular, it seeks to make new generations aware of the importance and vulnerability of the polar regions. In addition, it aims to highlight the need for research focused on understanding and evaluating its role in the uncertain future of our planet in a context of transformation derived from the current global change.

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Exhibition catalogue

Download the exhibition catalogue at high resolution (approx. 120 Mb) here

A version of the catalogue with interactive menus can be also downloaded here

The catalogue can be cited as:

Geyer, A. , Giralt, S. and Madurell, T. (eds) (2021) “Una mirada polar: Un viaje visual a los confines de la Tierra”. Consejo Superior de Investigaciones CIentíficas ,  83 pp. eISBN: 978-84-00-10859-5


The exhibition is made up of three thematic blocks:

Block 1: The Nature of the poles where the characteristics and particularities of the polar zones are explained.

Block 2: The poles and climate change focused on understanding the effects of the increase in the planet’s temperature at the poles.

Block 3: Investigating the poles that aims to explain how scientific work is carried out in the polar zones.

Each thematic block consists of 10 photographs accompanied by a short text in Spanish and English.

In total, the exhibition is made up of 36 panels of DIN-A3 size (29.7 x 42 cm) printed on foam board that combine texts that include: exhibition poster (1 panel); prologue (1 panel), 1 introductory panel for each thematic block (3 panels), 30 photographs and 1 credit panel.

How to request the exhibition

The exhibition is provided free of charge for a maximum period of 45 days, and may vary depending on the circumstances. Requests will be dealt with in order of request and giving priority to cities and institutions that have not previously hosted the exhibition.

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Project: Exposición Fotográfica “Una mirada polar” – 4a Edición Cuenta la Ciencia – Fundación General CSIC

Coordination: PTI POLARCSIC

Editing and revision of texts: PTI POLARCSIC; ENCIC, APECS Spain; Terranova Scientific

Photo review: PTI POLARCSIC

Graphic editing: PTI POLARCSIC, Nia Schamuells

Origin of the images: PTI POLARCSIC, APECS Spain





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Una mirada polar

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